Over the course of year, chimneys get pretty dirty.  Whether you have a masonry chimney, a prefabricated steel chimney, or small stove chimney, soot and creosote build up naturally over time, and can cause performance problems and eventually hazards if not removed. But those are not the only things that can end up in your flue.  It is not uncommon for pieces of debris, or even bird nests or wild animals to take up residence in your chimney, especially if you do not use it very often.  For this reason, it is recommended that you have a CSIA Certified Professional clean and inspect your chimney system at least once a year.


Included in our basic cleaning is a complete cleaning and servicing of your heating appliance.  We will check every part of your system and remove all fly ash, soot, and debris.  A basic cleaning includes: 

Removal of all soot and ash from the firebox

Cleaning of the firebrick or refractory panels

Removal of all residues from your glass doors

If you want your fireplace or stove looking brand new, we can remove any stubborn smokes stains or soot buildup outside the firebox, on interior masonry or mantle, or on the walls or ceiling for an additional fee.

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